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ASCM is a global leader in supply chain transformation, innovation, and organizational leadership. This organization formerly APICS is built on the APICS certification standard having more than 60 training spanning years. As the largest non-profit supply chain association, ASCM connects supply chain professionals and companies around the world with the latest thought leadership on all aspects of the supply chain. Throughout the years, ASCM has set the global standard for supply chain excellence through its best-in-class APICS certifications and training. ASCM global standards have been critical to the success of companies all over the world.

Now, ASCM is driving innovation in the industry with new products, services, and partnerships that enable companies to further optimize their supply chains, ensuring competitive advantage and a positive impact on their profits.
"We are the chain. We are the change."

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APICS Global Standards equip the professional learner with the necessary know-how to transform organizational supply chains further.

Excel your organizational supply chain practice from now!

  • Improve forecasting, inventory management, productivity, and other operations;
  • Effectively manage supplier and increase customer relationships;
  • Enhance logistics, technology, and data integration to improve performance;
  • Increase customer satisfaction and bottom-line results
  • Contributes to salary increase, individual recognition, and job-outlook marketability.
Advances Your Tomorrow Supply Chain Career
Sets the Supply Chain Excellence Standard
  • Align activities with business objectives to streamline operations and drive profits;
  • Create common understanding, vocabulary, processes, and frameworks within their entity to address their supply chain challenges and opportunities;
  • Maximize ROI on the systems and technologies within the organization;
  • Boost productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Certification Programs

APICS Global Standards equip the professional learner with the necessary know-how to transform organizational supply chains further. This is delivered by APICS Master Instructors, Learning System through Certification Programs.

Certified Supply Chain Professional - Demonstrate knowledge of the essential technology, concepts, and strategies of supply chain management and enterprise resource planning.

Certified in Planning and Inventory Management - Show comprehension of your organization’s operations through a deep understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting, and production planning, as well as how they apply to the extended supply chain.

MODULE 1: Supply Chain, Demand Management & Forecasting
Section A: Introduction to Supply Chains
Section B: Demand Analysis and Patterns
Section C: Demand Management
Section D: Forecasting
Section E: Supply and Demand Alignment
MODULE 2: Global Supply Chain Networks
Section A: Supply Chain Design and Optimization
Section B: End-to-End Connectivity and Visibility
Section C: Supply Chain Metrics and Reports
MODULE 3: Sourcing Products and Services
Section A: Aligning Sourcing to Demand
Section B: Category Strategy for Sourcing
Section C: Product Design Influence
Section D: Supplier Selection, Contracting, and Use
MODULE 4: Internal Operations and Inventory
Section A: Planning Operations
Section B: Capacity and Production Activity Control
Section C: Inventory
Section D: Performance and Continuous Improvement
MODULE 5: Forward and Reverse Logistics
Section A: Logistics and Distribution
Section B: Distribution Services and Transportation Choices
Section C: Trade Considerations
Section D: Reverse Flow
MODULE 6: Supply Chain Relationships
Section A: Customer Relationships
Section B: Supplier and Supply Chain Relationships
MODULE 7: Supply Chain Risk
Section A: Risk Management and Supply Chain Risks
Section B: Risk Analysis and Response
MODULE 8: Optimization, Sustainability & Technology
Section A: Optimizing Supply Chain Strategy and Tactics
Section B: Sustainability
Section C: Technology Trends
CSCP Content
MODULE 1: Supply Chains and Strategy
Section A: Supply Chains, the Environment, and Strategy
Section B: Strategic Scope and Objectives
Section C: Developing and Managing Organizational Strategy
Section D: Functional and Operational Strategies
Section E: Environments, Types, and Layouts
Section F: Performance Monitoring and KPIs
Section G: Risk Management
Section H: Capital Equipment and Facilities
Section l: Sustainability Strategies
MODULE 2: Sales & Operations Planning
Section A: S&OP Purpose and Process
Section B: Aggregate Demand and Supply Plans
Section C: Reconciling S&OP Plans
MODULE 3: Demand
Section A: Demand Management
Section B: Sources of Demand/Forecasting
Section C: Forecast Performance
MODULE 4: Supply
Section A: Creating and Validating the Master Schedule
Section B: Using and Maintaining the Master Schedule
Section C: Material Requirements Planning
Section D: CRP and Scheduling
Section E: Suppliers and Purchasing
Section F: Changes and Product Life Cycle Management
MODULE 5: Detailed Schedules
Section A: Planning Detailed Schedules
Section B: Scheduling and PAC Methods
Section C: Creating Production and Service Schedules
Section D: Managing Detailed Schedules and Scheduling Materials
MODULE 6: Inventory
Section A: Inventory Planning
Section B: Inventory and Product Costs, Value, and Metrics
Section C: Itemized Inventory Management
Section D: Inventory Control
MODULE 7: Distribution
Section A: Planning Distribution
Section B: Replenishment and Order Management
Section C: Waste Hierarchy and Reverse Logistics
MODULE 8: Quality, Technology, and Continuous Improvement
Section A: Quality
Section B: Technology
Section C: Continuous Improvement
CPIM Content

Learning Method

Instructor-led training is the most valuable learning method for practitioners. It combines the guidance of APICS Master Instructors with the Learning System and provides useful peer discussion and networking.

VILAS is Vietnam’s exclusive APICS Instructor-led training provider, offering the APICS Certifications programs through a strategic partnership with ALT Global, an APICS Authorized Channel Partner.


Mr. John Marson
APICS Master Instructor
Ms. Ngoc Nguyen
APICS Master Instructor
Ms. Ngoc is the first and only APICS master instructor from Vietnam

APICS Master Instructors*

VILAS provide Master Instructors whose knowledge and vast experience are recognized by APICS Global Standards. With their guidance, learners receive
  • Instruction in complex concepts, best practices, terminology, and applications for passing the CSCP and CPIM exams;
  • Structured and comprehensive understanding of the global standard, and know-how to make the most of the APICS learning materials system for self-study.
  • Delivering innovative courseware and industry insights for demonstrating theory and best practices
* Master instructors are the elite of APICS, with the ability to create and refine courses, as well as to mentor and assess other instructors' performances
  • Complete the pretest to determine your current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  • Based on your pretest scores, the online learning system will recommend the most efficient study plan.



  • Utilize convenient study options: read printed books or access online study materials via any mobile device, tablet or computer - 24/7.
  • Benefit from microlearning features in the online learning system; focus on smaller content segments for a more efficient use of available time.
  • Take the chapter quizzes to test knowledge retention and receive immediate feedback, answer rationales and references to the relevant sections in the reading materials.
  • Complete the Learning activities, including new in-depth videos, and real-life case studies to help reinforce concepts presented.
  • Study flashcards to reinforce your memory of key terms, concepts and definitions.



APICS Learning System comprehensively provides print and online reading materials, online practice tests, and interactive study tools to ensure you’re prepared for the exams.

APICS Learning System

  • Take the practice exam which was designed to help users gain experience with the format of the computer-based exams.
  • Access additional information about the certification exam, study tools, and test-taking tips.
  • Access the "My Progress" section to track your quiz scores and learning gain.



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